May Jun 22 Newsletter – Mariska Beetge

///May Jun 22 Newsletter – Mariska Beetge

God is ready for anything

Sometimes when we look back at our lives, we see several times that we were surprised about events that happened in our lives and we are caught off guard but one awesome thing that we can be sure of is that God is never caught off guard of the events that happen in our lives. When I look back at this past 11 months there were several events that happened and I was totally caught off guard and wasn’t ready for the events that happened but God knew. He was there with me even before these events happened and He was there with me at the time that the events happened. He was ready for it even when I wasn’t ready. I believe it is an important thing to remember in our life, when storms hit or when things happened unexpectedly to always remember that God wasn’t caught off guard, He was ready for it and knew of what will happen even before time.


We closed the 23rd of May for the summer break until the 14th of August. We don’t have summer but because we work on an American syllabus, we have break when they have break. We will start the 15th of August with our classes again.

House of Prayer News

Emmaus Walk – The Emmaus walk took place 12-15 May. Jesus came and surprise me on this weekend and He gave me more than my expectation.  On this weekend I can really testify that Jesus had a divine appointment with me. One of the main things on this weekend that touched my heart is to realize the Agape love of God, not just in word but to experience it all through the weekend. In my journey the last 4 years the love of Jesus become more and more real for me and this weekend the love that God had for me was made more real to me and in this weekend, Jesus really gave me a breakthrough that I have trusted Him for 10 months.

The send- The send happened on the 14 May while I was on the Emmaus walk so, I didn’t look the live conference with the House of Prayer but I looked the recording after the Emmaus walk. Wow! What an awesome conference it was where God just showed up with His presence and power. One thing that encouraged me was that the Send conference that was in another state build exactly on what God did on the Emmaus walk. We serve an awesome God with one plan all across the world and He is working in ways to accomplish His plan all across the world. How Marvelous! Here is the link of the recording of the send, I would encourage you to look at it if you have the time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ycqRqzFTTs

Clarinet MinistryWe went to Clarinet which is just outside Witbank to go and teach and serve a ministry and to teach them more about prayer. While our ministry there we started with worship and then Linda taught on a book written by Dick Eastman, the hour that Changes the World. I highly recommend this book to read if you want to equip yourself in prayer. We also did the hour of prayer in practical and prayed it in groups. Here follows the link a video of the worship: https://fb.watch/ebDNa9ahgh/. Here follows a link to a video where we did the hour that changes the world in groups. https://fb.watch/ebEEs-ixoz/. We praise Jesus for what He did during this ministry to see how people’s hearts is ignited in prayer.

First Love Conference – The first love conference took place the 27-28 May at the Witbank House of Prayer. Linda and Marais the leaders of House of prayer were speakers. We had a few sessions where everyone was joining then the Saturday morning, we had a time where we separated in to groups, the one was how to love God through worship and the other group was How to love God through word meditation. Jesus really showed up with His presence in this weekend.

Paul Ameen- On the previous Newsletter under upcoming events we planned an evening watch which was cancelled but we had a visit from Paul from the USA who is an Apologetic who converted from Islam to Christianity in 1997. It was a powerful time. He teaches on how to reach Muslims and He also taught more and deeper into the Word of God.

Living Ball Kids

Living Ball Kids is doing well. We are busy with marketing to target schools and to make people more aware of it and also to target schools next year. Please pray with us for the favor and wisdom from God. We are excited for the next term to start.

Personal News

I went to Cape Town and Montagu from the 27 June- 15 July, while we have Summer Break. I visited my family and it was such a great time. Jesus was really faithful and I just encountered Him through the beauty of His creation. What a blessing it was. I rested well before the next term starts and I am excited for this coming term. I am on a deeper faith journey with provision but I know that God is faithful and that He will provide on the right time.

Prayer Points

  • Pray for more people to be added to the House of Prayer.
  • Finances for my studies that must be paid in the beginning of August.
  • Pray for more kids to join us at the Living Ball Campus.
  • Pray that God will add more financial partners to my Ministry and that He will show me who to go to.
  • Pray with us that God will provide finances for the House of Prayer to upgrade our streaming equipment to increase the quality of our streaming.
  • Pray for wisdom that I will be able to rest in His presence in the midst of busyness.
  • God will show me the way.

Becoming a Partner

Thank you so much for supporting my ministry through prayer and those who partner financially. If you are not a financial partner, but would like to financially partner with me or support me in finances for my studies please contact me and/or here are the banking details:

Account Name: House of Prayer; Bank Name: FNB (First National Bank); Account Number: 62718897848; Branch Code: 230146; Account Type: Cheque Account; Reference: HVG-MB

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