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Do you need to Press Pause?

Sometimes the best way to move forward is to stop. We are emphasizing the need to press pause in your life, in order to advance with greater confidence and a stronger foundation for the years to come. Do you or someone you know need to pause and take a season to set your heart before the fire of Jesus’ love?

This is an opportunity to join a community of like-minded believers to grow in your understanding of the Bible and pursue intimacy with the Lord. It is accepting the challenge to move from passive spectator to one who stands out among the 10,000 and take your place, engage in your calling, and shape history through prayer and fasting. Join the Joshua Year Internship at the Witbank House of Prayer.

Joshua … did not depart from the Tabernacle.

Exo 33:11

– Personality Restoration
– Growing in Prayer
– Biblical Counseling Course
– Outreaches
– Word Meditation
– Lifestyle of Worship
– Evangelism


“It was a year of discovery! I discovered more about Abba and I discovered myself in Him.”

“It is an uncomfortable and amazing year, a year in which your character is formed to become the person God dreams for you to be.”

“Joshua Year taught me who I am in God”

“I discovered more of God than I thought is possible. I always thought it is impossible for anyone to love you so much that it feels as if you cannot breath. But this year I was proven wrong, because that is how God’s love is!”

“Joshua Year is a save environment where I can grow in my relationship with God, my identity in God and me dependency on God.”

Building blocks for the year

Introduction week – Personality Restoration course
16 Hours per week in the Prayerroom
Biblical Counseling Certificate course
3 Groupstudy Courses from the International House of Prayer University, Kansas City
2 Hour weekly Discipleship – Passion for Jesus
Harp & Bowl prayer and worship training during orientation week.
Two outreaches (For gap year students younger than 30 and single)
Compulsory book to read per term with a weekly book discussion and asignment.
Weekly Wordmeditation and Coffeeshop fellowship
Evangelistic training
Recommended music lessons for musicians at own cost.


Starts the first week of February every year

Every week starts Tuesday morning 05:30 and ends Friday 12:00. Every week’s program is consists out of the above mentioned building blocks.

Order of activities:

Orientation Week
Personality restoration course
Regular weekly schedule
April School Holidays
Regular weekly schedule
June/July Outreach
One week Holiday after outreach
Regular weekly schedule
Arise Prayer Conference
Regular weekly schedule
Possible Outreach during October Holiday
One week holiday after outreach
December Outreach

Year ends the first week in January.

Who Can Enrol

As a Gap Year

Any person after grade 12 and younger than 25 who has a desire to grow in intimacy with Christ and grow in a First love relationship with God, loving Him with all of your heart, soul, mind and strength.

As an Intern Year

Any person who has accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour and longs to set aside one year of their lives for God and want to grow in intimacy with God and in prayer.

Not a Rehab

We are not accepting anyone involved in drugs or just recovering from drugs. We believe that Jesus Christ wants to break the hold of drugs an a person’s life, but the special care and counselling a person recovering from drug abuse is not part of the Joshua Year. Interviews will be held with all applicants prior to acceptance.


Each person is responsible to take care of his/her own accommodation, meals and transport to and from House of Prayer. (We are willing to help find suitable accommodation for students.)


Cost for the year: R7500

This amount does not include the Outreaches or the handbooks of the Counselling Course. Students get sponsor forms for both outreaches which cost R2800 each.
The cost of Counselling Course handbooks depends on the books chosen by the student and whether the books are hard copies or electronic copies.

Enrollment fee of R2500 must be paid before the closing date January 31 of the year in which the student enrols. The rest of the fee can be paid over 10 months @ R500 per month.

Each person who wants to enrol in this year is responsible to trust God for his or her own finances for the year.

Certificate Course in Christian Counselling and Ministry

How it is compiled

7 Modules
6 Weekend Seminars
8 Reading Books & Assignments
7 Tests

The 7 Modules

1. Spirit Dynamic Life in Christ
2. Character Restouration
3. Dominion and Freedom
4. Health and Healing
5. Marriage and Family Dynamics
6. Practical Ministry
7. Vision and Leadership

International House of Prayer University Group Study Courses

The Eternal Glory of an Intercessor – Corey Russell

God created mankind out of His desire for a partner. When humanity fell from this glory, God sent His Son to intercede and reconcile God and man. Through Christ we have joined His eternal ministry of intercession. We are now “partakers of the heavenly calling” (Heb. 3:1) in this age and in the age to come, crying out to see justice released, Jesus return, and His government established in the earth. Students examine the lives of great biblical and historical intercessors and how they changed history through the power of prayer. As they learn how to usher in revival through prayer, they are confronted with the urgency of the hour and the great need for a people of prayer to emerge, ready to partner with Jesus to see God’s will done on earth.

Way of Intimacy – Matt & Dana Candler

God has given us everything we need to be prepared for the Day of the Lord in the protective embrace of our Bridegroom God. As the Bride of Christ faces the most dramatic time frame of human history forerunners prepare their own and others’ hearts to remain steadfast in love in the world’s darkest night. To be this voice, strengthening fainting hearts, students must continually dwell within the great chambers of prayer and fasting. In this course students explore the benefits and the perils of the fasted lifestyle in detail.

The Existence and Attributes of God – Stuart Greeves

Students expand their mental view and heart experience of God as they explore the perfections of God as they are revealed in Scripture. As A. W. Tozer exhorted, “What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us,” and Jesus prayed, “This is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God” (Jn. 17:3).
Through the knowledge of God, the Holy Spirit escorts students to deeper levels of faith, hope, and love.

Watch these Testimonies about the Joshua Year

Application Form

Please download, print and complete the form and email it to: info@witbankhop.co.za

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