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Satellite Campus for Theologos School of Ministry

Cost R2400 (this is subject to change depending on the new annual increase)


(7 steps)

1. Spirit Dynamic Life in Jesus Christ

Your position in Christ
Regeneration – to be born again
Becoming a New Creation
A Citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth
Spiritual Identity Reformation
Christ‘s Identity Formation
Positional Righteousness
New Creation Formation
Born into the Kingdom of God

2. Character Restoration

Emotional Healing and Restoration
Soul Therapy
Emotional Health and Wholeness
Renewal of the Mind
Psychological Wholeness
Emotional Metamorphosis
God‘s Image Transformation
Healing Broken Hearts
Character Reconstruction
Holy Spirit Controlled Temperament
Developing the Fruit of the Holy Spirit
Godly Self-image

3. Dominion & Freedom

Spiritual Warfare
To rule like God
Deliverance & Total Freedom from all evil
Freedom from Strongholds & Principalities
Kingdom Warfare & Dominion
Breaking & Revealing Family curses to generational blessing
Ruling with Christ over all evil
3rd Day Warfar
Delivered & Freedom from evil
Ruling over the enemy

4. Health & Healing

Physical Healing
Health & Wholeness
Maximum Health

5. Marriage & Family Dynamics

Marriage Enrichment
Marriage & Relationship Excitement
Marriage Overflow
Perfect Union
Relational Restoration
Healthy Relationships
Love Life Transformed
Maximum Marriage & Family
Building a Kingdom Marriage

6. Practical Ministry

Counselling Techniques
Ministry Principles
Philosophy of Ministry
Ministry Techniques

7. Vision & Leadership

Purpose Driven Leadership
Vision to Lead
Purpose Driven (Kingdom) Life
Finding God‘s Dream
Restoring God‘s Original Intend
Back to Eden
Living your Calling
Mobilised in Ministry
Discovering & Mobilised in Creation Purpose
Destiny Restored
Vision Driven Leadership

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