Marais and Linda June/July

Dear Prayer Partner

We trust that you are doing well and that you are still healthy. Please let us know if you or any of your family are affected by COVID-19, so that we can pray for you.

We already heard last week from one of our prayer partners that her husband is fighting the battle against COVID-19 and we are praying with her for him in our prayer chain.

Remember you never need to fight any battle alone, we love to pray with you!!!


The past month and a half has felt quite like a “Roller Coaster” moving at a very high speed. It’s so unreal that we’re almost in the middle of July.

Eiland Outreach

We would have left today on July 10 on our winter outreach to Die Eiland, but due to the Level 4 Restrictions in our country, we were forced to postpone the outreach. As we prayed about it with our full-time team, we experienced Father telling us it was not a cancelation , but a postponement.

We also spoke to Die Eiland team and for the time being the outreach has been postponed to 1-10 October and we trust the Lord that it will be possible to go then.


The announcement by President Ramaphosa that the country is moving to Level 4 restriction has directly affected us in the sense that our work in the House of Prayer can be seen as a “Religious Gathering” and we therefore cannot gather during the week and of course not on Sundays to do our prayer sessions and our Fellowship on Sundays in the Prayer Room.

But fortunately prayer is not shut down when there are restrictions, but in fact the opposite happens and intensifies our times of prayer.

Our entire team has taken responsibility together to continue to pray all the hours we pray together in the Prayer Room at our homes and the Prayer Leaders of all the sessions are still doing their preparation for the sessions. They then share it with our group via Whatsapp and we all pray at our respective homes.

We are also still busy with the Prayer Chain and everyone is also committed to praying for South Africa daily in the Prayer Chain. We are now already on 472 days of prayer.

What started as a short distance race, got off to become a marathon, but is now a journey and we do not yet have an end date for the journey.

But what a special journey it is to pray with 100+ people daily for our country, to get feedback from many of our fellow prayer travelers of the impact it has on their lives. We are so thankful for the great privilege we have that in addition to the time of prayer in the House of Prayer, we can also be on this journey of the Prayer Chain for a season.

We have also moved our Sundays Fellowship to online Fellowship and you are welcome to tune in to our online Fellowship at 6pm on Facebook or our Youtube channel.


This past time has been very intense with many people close to “Prayer Warriors” in the prayer chain who contracted COVID-19 and for whom we have prayed and still pray.

Some have even died and every death is heartbreaking.

However, we are also grateful to everyone who overcame and walked out of hospitals healthy.

What lies ahead?

President’s announcement

We are waiting for the President’s announcement on 11 July whether the restriction will change or continue. If it continues, we will continue to work from our homes and pray, otherwise we will be back in the House of Prayer.

7 Day Fast

The Lord has placed it on our hearts to announce a 7 Day Fast for our country from 12-18 July 2021. If you would like to be part of the fast, please send a whatsapp to 0834471661 or an e-mail to prayer@witbankhop.co.za for more information.

Prayer requests

  1. Please pray with us that we and our team, full-time prayer missionaries and students will stay healthy.
  2. Pray with us for the October Outreach that it will take place. It is a wonderful opportunity to grow closer to the heart of Father for all who can go along.
  3. Please pray together that the Lord will establish Kingdom investors who will partner with full-time Prayer Missionaries to let the Kingdom come through prayer and works of righteousness.
  4. Please pray for wisdom on the marketing of IHOPU-Global and also the Joshua Year for 2022.

What can we pray for you?

Please let us know what we can pray for you. It is always very nice for us to hear from you and of course a privilege to pray with you.

Much love

Marais and Linda