Marais and Linda May/June 2022

Dear Prayer Partner


Our hearts are full of how Father “showed up” over the past 2 months. We know that He is omnipresent, but there are times when God appears with His tangible presence and one feels overwhelmed by His love and His greatness.

One of these events was the First Love Conference we held May 27 and 28 in the House of Prayer. On Friday morning while we were praying for the Conference, Father just showed up and talked to all of us about what is on His heart for the weekend and for our ministry and He also gave us a very encouraging word. (In the photo on the left, our team prays for us in response to the word.)

Friday mornings between 09: 00-10: 00 is the Intercession session in the “Prayer Room” when we pray for the House of Prayer. On Friday morning, May 27, during this session, Linda hears the following words in her heart:

“I hear the Lord is saying to me: The seed was planted in your hearts in 2002, that night in Kempton Park West.  The conception took place.

This conception was for the birth of the restoration of the tabernacle of David in this nation.

There are many prayer movements in this nation, but this conception was for the partial fulfillment of the prophesy in Amos 9 of the restoration of the tabernacle of David to have the fire burning on the altar in this nation day and night, with fulltime singers, musicians and intercessors. 

Then there was the 9 months of pregnancy in 2006 when Marais prayed for 9 months two hours per day in Kempton Park, to know where the Lord wants to send us.  And then the birth took place when you moved to Witbank.

That is why there was so much attacks right from the start.

You could not understand, you hardly moved here and nobody knew you, why the attacks, why the accusations?

Because of the birth of this House!

Now 20 years after the seed was planted in your hearts that night, this child is now coming to age.

I planned for this weekend not to have speakers from outside.

You wanted to make other plans, but that did not work out because that was not my plans.

You are right Marais, this is the birth of a new thing, actually the moving into a new and deeper place, because of this child coming to age.

Definition of coming-of-age: the attainment of prominence, respectability, recognition, or maturity.”

Throughout the weekend of the conference, we were aware of Father’s tangible presence and we were just witnesses of how He touched people with His First love for each one.


A week after the Conference, our dear friend Paul came to us from the USA, who was also here two years ago to equip us how to reach Muslims with the Gospel.

From June 1-12, Paul equipped our team in “Apologetics” and how to talk to Muslims, but he also made us aware of the 60 year plan that Islam has to take over nations and the Lord have made us aware again that Islam has a plan for South Africa and that we as House of Prayer have a responsibility to intercede and pray for the salvation of Muslims and that Father will intervene and stop the plans of Islam.

All of Paul’s sessions will soon be available in audio format on our website. Please let us know if you would like the “link” for it.


We are writing this letter while we are on our way to the EILAND ATKV resort where we will be sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with holiday makers at the resort for the next 2 weeks. Our team consists of 25 people and we are excited about what Father is planning for everyone on the team. Part of our team is Louis and Jossie who are part of our full time staff with their 2 children Simeon and Iva, as well as 4 people preparing the food for the team – Petrus and Carlien (also part of our full time team) and uncle Gerrie, Carlien’s father and Adri, Carlien’s sister.

During the outreach we will hold 10 puppet shows during which we will share the Gospel with children, we will hold a concert consisting of drama, dances and singing with the theme: There is an open door. It is based on Revelation 4:1.

Furthermore, we will offer many other activities where we will build relationships with people and from these opportunities we often get the opportunity for informal conversations as well as praying with people.


We are excited about André, one of our IHOPU students and also a full-time prayer missionary, who asked Michelle to marry him during our Family Dinner on June 4th. It was such a special occasion where we as full-time Prayer Missionaries, students and House of Prayer directors had a family dinner with Paul.

Michelle also shared with us that the Lord led her to become part of our Full Time Team and we are grateful to see the Lord grow the team and add people to achieve our short term vision of 30 people which will allow us to extend our hours to 18 hours per day from 6am to midnight.


We have also started the new prayer chain whereby we pray three days a week for Revival for South Africa and write every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday a letter for everyone in the chain with what the Lord has placed on our hearts to focus on in prayer the next day. We are currently praying for the Church in our country to grow in the knowledge of who God is and to be equipped by the Holy Spirit and prepared for Revival.


  1. Please pray for us for greater sensitivity to the voice of the Holy Spirit so that we will not miss what the Lord wants to do in and through our ministry.
  2. We are currently going to start praying for Muslims in South Africa on Thursdays during our Intercession time for South Africa and also for the threat of Islam against South Africa. Pray for our team to be sensitive to the guidance of the Holy Spirit to what we must do to reach out to Muslims in our city and country as well.
  3. Pray for the Outreach. Please pray for the Team. We have a young team and many are away from home for the first time. Pray for a deep spiritual hunger and pray for hearts that are open to receive all that Father wants to deposit in their spirit during this outreach.

Please also pray for hearts to be open to the Gospel and for many people to enter the Kingdom of God.

Please also pray for our outreach finances. Our budget is not quite met yet. The higher fuel price and consequently higher food prices all play a role.

Also pray for the health of the team. Please pray that everyone will stay healthy and that no one will get the flu.


Thank you so much for taking the time to read our newsletter. Remember that we like to pray for you and we really appreciate it when you share your prayer requests with us. You can email it to us or whatsapp on 083 447 1661.


Thank you so much for praying for us and if you support us financially, we want to assure you of our appreciation for the seed you sow in our lives and ministry.

We believe that the harvest of our ministry is also 100% your harvest because you are sowing financially, but also in terms of time by praying for us.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Much love

Marais and Linda