The Massons – June 2021

Saturday Run Revelation

On a recent Saturday morning run as on most of my runs, I felt lead to pray for many people, cars, etc on route. I felt awoken to the great need around me everywhere I ran; acutely aware of the extreme brokenness of a fallen world which needs constant attention…So many people, situations & circumstances whom & which are ongoing assignments waiting for someone to heed the call to pray, serve or minister. The impression came upon me that what if each time I took up the call to pray for something which caught my eye, something I heard or sensed, Jesus told the heavenly hosts the following; “release my will or intervention in that situation, in that person’s life, in that one, in that one…Someone just prayed (in this case me); someone just took up that specific assignment, so now I am granted permission for heaven to invade earth in the arena of human dominion where I only work through partnership and the consent of man…Now send forth my supply, my answer, my power, my miracle”…

Now as I was so acutely aware, and kept on praying for every potential need which came to my attention, I actually felt rather burdened by the case load. It was a little tiresome, and I’m not referring to the running…Then it hit me, is this not how Jesus must have felt (just exponentially more so) when walking the earth in the flesh; with every person he passed or encountered, and in every city, town or village he visited He was absolutely in tune and aware of every need around Him. Even before the cross, what burden did He carry in the flesh, still as the all knowing God; being fully aware of and fully affected, impacted, moved by every hurt, every struggle, sin, pain, longing, sickness, grief, and every bit of brokenness. I had goose bumps as I experienced just a hint of what He felt and surely then what must have moved Him with passion to the point of the cross to fulfil the ultimate assignment; the greatest mission which would be the answer & solution for all!

It definitely makes sense then to me as to why Jesus is the Great Intercessor…

May we share in His Passion; share in all that moves His heart so deeply. May we be prepared to share in His suffering…


The Persecuted Church

Praying for the persecuted church globally every week at the house of prayer has opened up my perspective of what it means to be a Christian in most parts of the world; it costs believers a lot. In South Africa at the moment we have incredible freedom as believers and we can’t take this freedom likely, we need to seize every opportunity we get to share Jesus with those around us and be His hands and feet. Whilst praying for our persecuted brothers and sisters around the world, I often wonder what it will mean for our children to be believers in the years and decades to come; will they fall under the “Persecuted Church” category or will they still have the freedom that we have. I have a sense that its probably going to become more trying and not easier as we enter new seasons closer to the coming of Jesus. I often ask God, is this why we are raising them in the “prayer-room” so that they will be able to stand strong and help others, that in the shaking they will have been equipped with prayer and worship as an impenetrable foundation within them. Now all of this can seem quiet alarming and it should be, not to place fear in your heart but to place an urgency in us all, that we can’t live comfortable luke-warm Christian lives. This is something that has been pressed upon me daily, I don’t just want to coast through life believing in Jesus but I want to be on fire. I don’t want to be luke-warm and its so easy to just be luke-warm, doing all the right things but not really willing to be uncomfortable for Him. It’s in this light that I would like to share the following documentary with you, called “The Power of Persecuted Church” so that we may “Watch and Pray” with more insight into the times that we are in and to be praying for our persecuted brothers and sisters throughout the world daily.


Highlights of June for the Masson Family:

  • The recording of some of the Breathe Worship songs have been progressing well, but have been put on hold for a short while, while we complete Lethiwe Sithole’s album; An awesome God honouring project to be part of.
  • Intercession in general during this month has been a highlight; its in these times with covid and other issues in our nation & our world that it is needed the most.

What’s coming up in July:

  • Recording / Producing, recording / producing and more recording / producing in the Breathe Studios in the coming month or 2. So watch this space…
  • The prayer room is currently closed due to Lockdown regulations, so we are still doing our prayer hours but from home; we have found this to be more challenging than going to the prayer room daily as at home there are many distractions. However we embrace the challenge and hold true to the call; whether in a Prayer Room with our larger spiritual family or at home with our immediate physical family, we keep the fire burning on the altar. In fact its probably in the more secret place (home) that it matters the most.
  • Die Eiland Outreach has been postponed until later in the year due to covid restrictions and the third wave of infections. We know God’s timing is perfect though.
  • 7 Day Fast for our Nation – if you would like to join this or want more info about it, then please WhatsApp us.

Prayer Points:

  • Health of Nicole; she has been quite sick the last 2 weeks and is not yet totally over the sickness. Please join us in thanksgiving to Jehovah our healer for complete recovery.
  • Our 6 month old Labrador, Rex had to undergo an operation to remove a sock & face mask which he swallowed! Please cover him in prayer as he recovers to full health.
  • We are so grateful for God’s provision these last 2 months, we’ve been able more and more to cover our debts and monthly expenses. Please join us in thanksgiving to Jehovah Jireh our Provider!

NB: Please let us know what your prayer request are, we would love to partner with you in prayer.

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Some of the sets that were streamed this month that we were involved in:

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