The Massons – June 2022

Words of Wisdom from our precious Ouma

On the 19th of June we had the privilege of visiting our Ouma (Jean-Michels grandmother); she is 93 years old and lives in Pretoria. She just got back from a trip to Mauritius where she went by herself (yes at 93 years old) to visit Jean-Michel’s mom and 3 sisters, 1 brother and their families that now live in Mauritius. Jean-Michel’s father was Mauritian and only moved to South Africa as an adult so that is where the Mauritian connection comes from. We feel Ouma and Jean-Michels Mother are very significant in the ministry that we do and the grace upon our lives because they are the most incredible prayer warriors.

Now Ouma has never had a platform ministry or anything like that but her and Oupa were very passionate about 2 things; Jesus and family. Ouma and Oupa were a beautifully affectionate couple, still always holding hands while watching TV even after 60 years of marriage. In the video in this newsletter, we just wanted to share the treasure we have in Ouma, that as Jean-Michel asks her questions, the bible just flows from her; its written on her heart. This is so evident when you just spend some time with Ouma; she’s always checking on the people around her, praying for them, making sure they know Jesus as Lord and Saviour and just loving on everyone she comes into contact with. When Ouma says in the video that she prays for all her children every day by name, this is quite a task as we counted that Ouma has over 100 descendants; this includes her Children, Grandchildren, Great Grandchildren, Great Great Grandchildren and Spouses.

Please take some time to watch this video; there’s just so much wisdom in our Ouma which enriches us and will enrich you:

Highlights from last month:

Ahmed Paul

We had the privledge of spending 2 weeks with Ahmed Paul who came to visit us for a second time all the way from Florida in the United States. He spent the 2 weeks teaching us about Isalm and how to reach Muslims for Jesus.

Here is a bit about Paul’s story:

Paul was born and raised as a Muslim in Egypt, firstborn of the imam of the mosque, trained to be a Muslim evangelist, but his life was interrupted by the Lord in 1997 and he converted to Christianity.

He now presents the truth of Christ with love, revealing the agenda of Islam for Christian and western society. He does this through teaching Christian Apologetics and proclaiming the Gospel of Christ to all.

Paul has been doing ministry through Missions Door since 2012.  In 1999, Paul began using Internet chat rooms, conferencing tools and groups, and later using satellite TV to reach closed countries of the Islamic world.  He began answering questions regarding the Christian faith and confronting Islamic propaganda.  He presented the truth of Christ with love, revealing the agenda of political Islam for Christian and Western society.  Paul was called to ministry in 2002 after learning about many people who didn’t know how to share their faith. He became active in evangelism in New York City and after some training in Colorado, Paul went on TV, proclaiming his faith in Christ to all Arabic-speaking viewers around the world.

If you would like access to the audio files of his teachings from when he was here, please WhatsApp Jean-Michel/Nicole.

Om die Dam

As part of Jean-Michel’s preparation for Comrades he ran his first Ultra-Marathon, ‘Om die Dam’ at Hartbeespoort. This is one of the parts of running that Jean-Michel loves; as at runs, he is able to encourage and pray for people on his run.

Ladies Breakfast at Neo Doxa

Nicole was invited to a ladies breakfast at Neo Doxa on the 4th of June and was deeply impacted by Vanessa Goosen’s testimony of how she encountered Jesus in a Thai prison; if you would like to know more about her and her testimony visit: https://www.vgse.co.za/

Coming Up:

Cherished Outreach

The next Cherished (faith-based support group for women and men working in the local sex industry) Outreach Nicole will be doing will be on Saturday 23rd July; this will be the first outreach where the Middelburg team will be visiting the Brothels in Middelburg. So far, our Middelburg team has only visited ladies on the Streets. Please pray for favour and that the pimps and ladies’ hearts will be open to the team. Please pray especially for protection as we will be going into yards and then houses to try reach the ladies.

We had a lady come to the House of Prayer that wanted to leave the sex industry. She has been out now for over 2 months; she has started her own little businesses and is attending a bible camp. We are so grateful for how God has started restoring her and how she has totally cut ties with her old life.

Comprehensive Trauma Competent Care for Children

Jean-Michel and I felt we need to equip ourselves to be able to care for children from hard places. We also feel this course will equip us to be able to help other families that are maybe struggling with trauma in children. After speaking to Jean-Michel’s cousin Chantal (her husband and herself are also in fulltime ministry and have 4 biological children, 2 adopted and 6 in permanent foster care), she highly recommended that we do the following course:

Comprehensive Trauma Competent Care – In-person

This is 3-days of in-depth training, providing you with comprehensive practical skills and a thorough understanding of trauma informed care.

What you will learn:

  • The impact of Trauma on the brain, biology, body, beliefs, and behaviour
  • Understanding and Increasing Felt safety
  • Learning about Attachment, Self-Regulation and Sensory Integration
  • Help a child reduce overwhelming emotions
  • Help a child reduce overwhelming behaviours
  • Supporting a child’s essential connections and relationships
  • Helping children build a strength-based life story
  • The importance of self-care

Includes interactive group activities and practical take home tools and skills.

We will be attending this course from 26th – 28th July and are so blessed as one of our financial partners paid for us to do the course, and someone else helped us with some funds towards fuel. Please pray for us to really take in all the new skills and information we are going to be learning and for this new part of our family’s journey.

Here is a link to pumpkin ministries website if you would like more info about what they do: https://www.pumpkinministries.com/

Pray for us for the following:

  • Miraculous provision so that we can pay off debt, both personal and business.
  • Financial Partners to come along side us as a family.
  • Strength, joy, endurance and to love God first in all we do.
  • Trauma Care Course for Children as explained above.
  • Cherished Outreach as explained above.
  • For Jean-Michel’ Comrades preparation; that he will be protected and strong.


Thank you so much for taking the time to pray for us and to partner with us in prayer, this is vital part of the work we are doing. Thank you.

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