Marais and Linda Second Term Newsletter

///Marais and Linda Second Term Newsletter

Dear Prayer Partner

It is so unreal that it is already the middle of 2021! We apologize that this is only the second newsletter from us that you receive. Before we can write a month-long newsletter, that month is already over and we come to the place where we realize that we now have a whole term to write about.

Thank you that you are still a prayer partner for us and that we can share with you what is going on in our lives and ministry and ask you to pray for us.

Please remember that we also want to pray for you and that we really appreciate hearing from you!



This term’s photo is just a piece of our story once a month to stand in front of an abortion clinic in our town for our monthly Silent Siege, where we put red life tape over our mouths (nowadays our masks) and stand in silence in the gap for every unborn baby and trusts God that no Mom will choose an abortion but will choose life and if the Mom can not look after the baby herself, will give the baby up for adoption. We also pray for the change of our country’s abortion law which is a very liberal / radical legislation. Did you know that a teenage girl of any age can have an abortion without the knowledge of her parents or legal guardian.

As mentioned in the previous newsletter, I (Linda) was very excited to have the privilege of doing a Silent Siege on my 55th birthday and also to lead an intercession session where we prayed against abortion and for revival for our country. .

God’s timing is perfectly worked out, from the day we were born and He worked it out so that this special birthday falls on the first Wednesday of April 2021

At present we only do a Silent Siege and Intercession against abortion every first Wednesday of the month. If you live in Witbank, you are welcome to join us, and if you do not live in Witbank, you can be part of the intercession session at 19:00 via the Witbank House of Prayer Facebook page.

Healing Rooms Training

On April 10th we had zoom training for our team as well as some volunteers on the operation of Healing Rooms. This training was presented by the African Director of the Healing Rooms ministry in South Africa and Africa, Carol Campbell. It was a wonderful day in which we could experience God’s heart and one of the truths that Carol shared with us is that heaven is our model here on earth, following Jesus’ prayer in Matt. 6 … on earth as it is in heaven…

To start functioning as Healing Rooms, we need to appoint a director and then officially register with the Healing Rooms international ministries.

One of our Full-Time Prayer Missionaries with a Heart for Divine Healing immediately said that he feels led to serve as a director and is now in the process of registering.

Once we are registered, we will start marketing it and share information on how we are going to operate.

Time of rest

We also had the wonderful privilege of resting with our two Mothers in Margate, KZN from 7-22 May. We are thankful for how Father provided everything, from the perfect place that worked well for both Moms who could not climb stairs and walk with the help of a “walking cart” when they walk long distances, to enough finances for fuel and food. Father is always faithful and we have just seen again how every path He makes is perfect.

We also had a great rest and enjoyed hanging out with the two Moms and enjoying the beauty of the ocean.

Prayer Chain

The prayer chain we started on March 26 is still running and we write and send out a prayer letter daily to about 100 email addresses or via Whatsapp and the chain still covers about 24 hours every day.

We can only give glory to the Lord for this prayer chain that continues to pray from strength to strength for 446 days “and still going strong”…

We praise the Lord for messages we receive from intercessors in the chain who tell of their spiritual growth over the past more than 400 days and their growth in knowledge of God as Father and of prayer.

We believe that with this prayer chain we are a small link in the huge chain of prayer that stretches across thousands of intercessors and hundreds of prayer actions in our country, which has an impact on the effect of COVID-19 on our country.

We believe the impact would have been so much worse had it not been for all the Prayer Warriors.

Our team grows

We are excited about one of our IHOPU Global students led by the Lord to become part of our full time team and praise the Lord for every bit of growth in numbers.

Growth in the Prayer Room

We are very grateful for the noticeable growth we see in the ministry during our sessions in the Prayer Room. All our corporate sessions now have live worship for worship with the Word sessions and the Intercession sessions (this is the 16 hours per week when all the prayer missionaries and students are in the prayer room). We are very grateful for the musicians and singers that the Lord adds to make this possible.

We livestream  some of the sessions on the House of Prayer Facebook page if you would like to join in from time to time.


Eiland Outreach

We are going to Die Eiland ATKV resort from 10-23 July for an outreach with a group of young people. Our team size is currently 22, but could still grow. We are very excited to be able to go to Die Eiland again with a team for the first time since 2019.

One of the things we are very excited about is that the resort has asked us to have Bible studies available to do with the holiday guests, to encourage them in the difficult times we are living in.

We will also be offering 9 puppet shows and many other activities to reach people with the love of Jesus.

We are not going to do a concert this year, due to COVID regulations, but we are going to do dances with a message on an outdoor stage after which we will do the Bible studies with everyone who would like to join.


For the Ministry:

  1. Please pray for Die Eiland Outreach’s preparation. We have a very short time in which we have a lot to do. Pray for wisdom and insight and also sensitivity for the Holy Spirit’s guidance regarding the Bible studies for the holiday guests, as well as the team.
  2. Please pray for the Outreach’s finances. Each Team Member must pay R2800 which they collect through sponsorship forms. However, it covers only 2 thirds of the total budget of the outreach and we trust the Lord for the rest of the finances needed. The budget covers, among other things, the team’s transport costs to Die Eiland and back, food for 14 days, 2 golf shirts and a hoodie for each team member (the resort requires us to wear the same shirts and tops every day), Puppet show activities and other activities expenses, we also budget to give children whose parents can not give them pocket money, pocket money, further we budget for medicine because not everyone can afford to buy medicine in advance to take with them.
  3. Please pray for all our Full-Time Prayer Missionaries for provision and health.
  4. Pray with us for the addition of more full-time Prayer Missionaries so that we can also extend our corporate hours in the prayer room and thus address more issues in prayer.
  5. Please pray with us for our IHOPU-Global students for finance to pay for their studies. We also have a young married man who feels led by the Lord to do the IHOPU-Global Worship School from August this year, but the course is significantly more expensive than the Ministry degree. However, we know that Father will call more and more musicians and singers to come and do the course in order to help grow into a day-and-night House of Prayer. Please also pray for the young husband and father of a daughter for the necessary finances to be able to start in August.
  6. Please pray for the marketing of IHOPU-Global which students can do with us on campus, and pray for wisdom on how and where we can market it.
  7. IHOPU-Global Ministry Trip – The students have to do a Ministry Trip as part of their practical, and this year we will include everyone from the House of Prayer in the Trip that goes from Witbank, via Johannesburg and Kroonstad to Bloemfontein and back. Please pray for the students who are primarily responsible for planning with our guidance. Please also pray for the provision for it.
  8. Pray with us for the perfect time for the Healing Rooms to begin.
  9. Pray for us for sensitivity about the Prayer Chain and to hear the voice of the Lord clearly for each day to know what is on His heart for the next day’s prayer letter.

Personal Prayer Requests:

  1. We are thankful for victories we achieve with our health and praise the Lord for His healing power that manifests in our bodies. Please pray for our health, that we will overcome any disease in our bodies and that we will be healthy for the outreach.
  2. We have unexpected expenses this month with a geyser that has decided to burst. Please pray with us for provision for the extra expenses.
  3. Pray for us for wise time management and that we will always be sensitive to the voice of the Lord regarding us personally and also regarding the ministry.


Our Father, we can only praise You for our precious prayer partner who intercedes for us. We realize that life places many demands on everyone and therefore we appreciate every moment spent thinking about us and praying for us.

We also want to give you all the praise for the financial support we receive and we want to pray the prayer of Paul in Philippians 4:19 for everyone who supports us, that You, Father will provide in each of their needs according to Your riches in Christ Jesus.

Furthermore, we want to ask You to cover each of our Prayer Partners with Your protection and keep each one safe from all danger. Will You also please seal each one with the blood of Your son so that none of them will get sick from COVID.

We want to conclude Father and ask You to root and ground this prayer partner of ours in Your love and to give our partner a deeper revelation every day of who You are and how much You love him / her.


Much love

Marais and Linda