The Massons – May 2021

Laying down the promise – Encountering Jehovah Jireh

In May month which was a particularly trying one financially for the Masson family, we as so many times before, held on tightly to the promises of God’s provision which are found in scripture; we confessed & declared over ourselves regularly the biblical truths about God as our provider. One such declaration is one of God’s names mentioned in scripture; ‘Jehovah Jireh’, meaning ‘The Lord will provide.’ This time around though, while praying this truth one day in the prayer room, I sensed God leading me to the original of His name ‘Jehovah Jireh’. I felt compelled to investigate when first this name was used; for what reason, in what circumstance, in which context…Maybe more of what exactly this promise meant could be unpacked for me and help bring breakthrough in my family’s finances. Well it sure did…As I read Genesis 22:1-19 where Jehovah Jireh is found in scripture; I believe the eyes of my heart were enlightened pertaining to this truth as the Spirit of Wisdom an Revelation (as described by Paul in Ephesians 1:17,18) revealed the following to me…

God’s name ‘Jehovah Jireh’ was first used when Abraham was told by God to sacrifice his son Isaac (God’s long awaited promise to him and ultimate provision) and was about to sacrifice him, but was told by God not to lay a hand on him and God then subsequently provided a ram to be sacrificed in Isaac’s place. Here God was called The Provider in the context of one (Abraham) being fully willing to lay down that which God had promised & provided (Isaac); but then God didn’t even intend for the provision to be sacrificed at all, but just to be laid down so as to test obedience and insure that one’s heart is set on Him as the one thing (The great reward & ultimate inheritance). But then what follows the laying down of provision in this passage, is further provision (the ram) as a reward for obedience.

Is this not then maybe when we will receive the fullness of God’s provision for us, when we reach the point of laying down the desire or right to have it at all; when our hearts are so set on God himself as our great reward, all we need and all that truly satisfies! When the Provider himself is the centre of our affection and greatest devotion, truly ‘seeking Him and his Kingdom first’ as Abraham was modelling and forerunning for us; ‘then all the other things (the promises & provision) will be added unto us’ merely as a bi-product and an added bonus to Christ as the greatest prize!

It is our hope that this revelation takes ground in your heart and bares much fruit in your life, as it has begun to in ours.

By Jean-Michel

Highlights of May for the Masson Family:

  • Jean-Michel had his 33rd Birthday…A special one as we believe in the significance of numbers, and this was Jesus’ age when He went to the cross; the old passed away and all was made new.
  • Nicole, Trinity & Hadassah had a special girls weekend, going with Nicole’s mom to see Nicole’s Grandfather at a nice Trout Farm called Doornkop. It was good to see 86 year old Grandpa, and Nicole had the special moment of praying for his bent back…He though still being an unbeliever has already testified of healing, and said it is because of the prayer! We believe this is a significant seed for his salvation. Jean-Michel & Jean-Claude had a fun boys weekend back in Witbank, with the main highlight being a 23km hike and picnic with our dog Rex.
  • There was great progress with some Breathe Worship songs, as hard work was put in in studio with some pre-production, tracking of guide tracks and drums. Recording and producing Worship songs is always an exciting process; watching and listening to everything taking form.

What’s coming up in June:

  • We continue working on Breathe Worship songs in studio. We are hopeful of making a lot of progress in this regard in June.
  • Eiland Outreach preparations start (We are excited that we as the Witbank House of Prayer can have our July outreach again this year as we couldn’t have it last year. The outreach is from the 10-23 of July. If you know about any one between the age of 15-25 years that wants to join us on the outreach, please contact Linda for more information: 083 447 1661.)
  • The planning of a special ministry trip arranged solely by the IHOPU Global students at WHOP is underway. This trip will take place in September and will include a few different Towns & Cities. We are really excited about this.
  • The Witbank House of Prayer Healing Rooms will officially be registered this month. We will keep you posted as to when it opens.

Prayer Points:

  • Provision for the musical equipment we need to get as this forms part of the ministry work we do:
    • New Violin Strings and Violin Bow; Nicole needs to also get her Violin Serviced
    • A new Snare Drum – for Breathe Worship Studios
    • A Bass Guitar – for Breathe Worship Studios
    • A Midi-Controller – For Breathe Worship Studios
  • Join us in thanksgiving as we have experienced significant financial breakthrough at the end of May / beginning of June. Please stand in agreement with us that as we seek God first and His Kingdom, that this release of finances to pay for outstanding expenses and cover the remaining monthly shortfall will continue.
  • Our 6 month old Labrador, Rex had to undergo an operation to remove a sock & face mask which he swallowed! Please cover him in prayer as he recovers to full health.

NB: Please let us know what your prayer request are, we would love to partner with you in prayer.

A bit about the Witbank House of Prayer

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Some of the sets that were streamed this month that we were involved in:

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