The Massons – April 2021

Neither Hot nor Cold…

Over the past weeks I have been so confronted by the lukewarm spirit that was operating in the Laodicea Church of Revelation 3:14-22 (I encourage you to read this passage before reading on further). You see this church was doing all the right “activities” but in all that they were doing their hearts were disconnected from God’s; they knew exactly what “tasks” God required them to carry out and they were doing it but they were not on fire for Jesus, neither had they turned there backs on him…they were just going through the motions. God confronts their lukewarmness and says “because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth”; on reading this, my heart cry was that I don’t want to be doing all the “right” things but be far from Father God and be vomited out.

Spending 4 hours a day in the prayer room, I’ve at times caught myself falling into this lukewarm state where I’m there and doing the activity but I’m not fully engaging and pressing into God’s presence; I’m often reading the word, but not engaging with Jesus, Holy Spirit and Father God while reading. I’ve found that when I sit down for my quiet time or prayer time, a “magical” thing happens as I instantly become the most productive I have been all day; remembering that I didn’t call Aunt Sally back two weeks ago and that I need to wash the dog and that on the weekend I should probably do some garden work…the list of distractions goes on; you get my drift and can probably relate to this in some measure.

I’ve been confronted that these distractions overcome me because I am bored with my quiet time with God; I’m no longer enthralled by Him and I’m letting the cares of this world overshadow how great He is. My way out of this lukewarm state has been to repent that my heart has drifted from loving Jesus first and that I have lost my reverential fear of God. I’ve found that once my state of being in awe and fearing God has been reinstated, I can’t be bored when spending time with Him because there’s so much of Him to discover that our small human minds are only comprehending glimpses of. After realising all of this, something has shifted in my inside where the highlight of my day is the hours we get to spend in the prayer room in intercession or devotion; there’s nothing that this world can offer us that can come close to encountering Jesus for hours in a day. I’ve become so aware that when we are interceding for different issues in the prayer room (for example, the persecuted church throughout the world, the business sector, Israel, etc), this is carrying eternal rewards that we will only really know about in full when we get to heaven; so much of what is going on around us is spiritual and so often we are so caught up in ourselves that we have lost our awareness of eternity.

I just love how God knows our human condition and broken tendencies that He wrote a manual for us, warning us of what we could fall into and then how to get out of it. I love how God’s word is living and active and that when we engage with His word, He sorts out stuff in us that we would have just lived with. If we allow him to, He uses his word to strengthen us and build our characters. As hard as this process is at times, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Highlights of April for the Masson Family:

  • We attended the training for the Witbank House of Prayer to become Healing Rooms. This was an amazing time of biblical teaching around God’s heart for Healing, practical training on how to run Healing Rooms, and just a great time hearing all the testimonies from Caroline who runs Healing Rooms in South Africa. We are excited about this, as very soon, once a week people will be able to make an appointment and then come for prayer for healing in an environment & atmosphere where the stirring up of Faith and the expectancy for Healing are intentionaly cultivated. Jean-Michel will be the Director of the Healing Rooms in Emalahleni; this is such a special opportunity and a huge honor & privelage.
  • The Joshua Year students finished there first term; its always amazing to watch young people transform in the Joshua Year as they are healed and press into intimacy with Jesus daily.
  • It has been great giving the Joshua Year students a weekly opportunity every Thursday during the 10:00 – 12:00 Worhip with The Word set to have practical experience in Prophetic Singing and Prayer Leading; implementing what they learnt in the Harp & Bowl Training. Seeing them grow in confidence is truly special.

What’s coming up in May:

  • Jean-Michel turns 33 on the 11 of May.
  • We will be leading worship at Metamorpha church on Sunday 4th
  • We will be launching the Healing Rooms.
  • Term 2 starts for our Joshua Year Students. If you would like to know more about this follow this link: https://witbankhop.co.za/training/joshua-year/.
  • Something really close to our heart is brewing in the Breathe Worship Studios; we will keep you posted in this regard…

Prayer Points:

  • Thanksgiving for the consistent flow of new students we have been getting at Masson Music.
  • For Jean-Michel; we feel he needs to record and start releasing the songs he wrote last year, pray that the process will be Holy Spirit inspired and that the time that he has to do it weekly will be fruitful.
  • Wisdom to steward what God has given us well.
  • Wisdom and favor on how to cover our current monthly budget shortfall.

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