The Massons – February 2021

How our full-time prayer missionary journey started…

We first got connected with the Witbank House of Prayer when through Masson Media we were asked to film the 2017 Arise Conference. This conference was presented by Allen Hood and Corey Russell from the International House of Prayer; it was such a powerful conference and at first a bit strange compared to the type of ministries we were used to. Hearing the Witbank House of Prayer Staff, Corey Russell and Allen Hood talk about the hours they spent in the prayer at the feet of Jesus connecting with the heart of God started to stir something deep in our hearts about living a life fully devoted to prayer and worship and then out of that doing acts of service in the kingdom God.

So unsure about the House of Prayer model but feeling drawn to the prayer room, we sporadically started spending some time in the prayer room. What we loved about it was being able to go to a place of corporate prayer and worship where there were minimal distractions and simplicity in spending time speaking to God together was the focus; with little to no performance-based focus. We then did the Harp (Worship through Music) and Bowl (Prayers of the Saints) training, based on Revelation 5:8, which is the model used for sustained prayer and worship in the prayer room; if you’ve ever spent more than a few minutes in prayer you’ll know that a model to help you sustain your time in prayer and worship is very handy, especially since one intercession set in the prayer room is usually 2 hours long. The Witbank House of Prayer is modelled after the International House of Prayer in Kansas City (https://www.ihopkc.org/) and this is where the model comes from. After doing the Harp and Bowl training, we started leading a Worship with The Word set every Wednesday from 12:00 to 14:00. A Worship with The Word set, simply put is taking a passage of scripture and singing out key phrases from the scripture, declaring them in dialogue with God and with each other; rephrasing each truth in prophetic song while also referencing these phrases with other scriptures which The Holy Spirit leads us to.

Slowly our involvement increased bit by bit as we attended some of the weekly teachings and courses presented to the Joshua Year Students, as well as eventually stepping into a part time leadership role, heading up the Witbank House of Prayer’s Worship and musical development in general. A divinely aligned relationship and partnership was also formed between the Witbank House of Prayer and our own Worship Ministry; ‘Breathe Worship’ (A ministry focused on Unity in Worship in The Body of Christ, Worship Mentorship / Discipleship & Recording and Producing Worship Music). Then in January this year we attended the House of Prayer year planning staff meeting; many jokes were made about us going “Full Time” but we just laughed nervously. However, during the meeting we felt God asking us, “Why do you want to recreate the ministry wheel?” Everything that was spoken about in the meeting we felt so aligned with and so many of the House of Prayer’s plans and dreams for the future, were the very kind or plans and dreams in our heart. We felt lead into a deeper level of humility and desired to come under the spiritual covering of a ministry not our own with Spiritual Fathers & Mothers in whom we saw an abundance of The Fruits of Holy Spirit. So that night we decided to take the plunge and go “Full-time”.

Our decision to go “Full-time” was also affected by the fact that our businesses had shrunk due to the effects of COVID & Lockdown; and along with that there was a subsequent shift in our focus and what we felt was to be our priorities in the next season. Prayer, Worship and Family had now become much higher on our life agenda. Our schedule was not as full of business obligations as in the past and we had so many times seen God move in miraculous ways to provide for us in unconventional ways; so we decided to take the plunge and trust God with this new lifestyle which we felt He had been preparing us for.

You may be wondering how all the other things we remain committed to fit into this. Well first of all we have a jam-packed schedule, but in summary here’s what a typical week in our lives look like, taking into consideration that full-time prayer missionaries at the Witbank House of Prayer need to be in the prayer room for the corporate prayer and worship sets 4 hours per day Tuesday to Friday, as well as at the Sunday Night Fellowship; and then over and above this each prayer missionary must do 4 hours of ministry service per day Tuesday to Friday (Hours devoted to serving the Body of Christ in any way).

What our weekly corporate prayer room schedule looks like:

  • Tuesday 06:00-08:00: Intercession for the Persecuted Church across the globe and Israel
  • Tuesday 12:00-14:00: Devotional Worship with the Word
  • Wednesday 12:00-14:00: Worship with the Word; this set is live streamed if you ever want to join from your home or office: https://www.facebook.com/witbankhouseofprayer
  • Wednesday 19:00-21:00: Growing in the Prophetic/Bound4Life (Once per Month – Bound4Life is a grassroots prayer mobilization movement for the ending of abortion, the increase of adoptions and the sending of revival to reform government and culture.)
  • Thursday 08:00-09:30: We get together as a team and check how everybody is doing and give feedback around the scripture we have been meditating on for the week
  • Thursday 10:00-12:00: Worship with the Word
  • Thursday 14:00-16:00: Intercession for the Business Sector and South Africa – Currently we’re unable to attend this slot due to teaching commitments.
  • Friday 06:00-08:00: Devotional Worship with the Word
  • Friday 08:00-09:00: Youth Intercession
  • Friday 09:00-10:00: Intercession for the House of Prayer

What Jean-Michel’s Ministry Service Hours Consists of:

  • Masson Music – Teaching, Overseeing and Admin
  • Preparation for Worship/Prayer Slots at the House of Prayer
  • Breathe Worship – Studio: Worship Recording Projects; Discipling’s and Mentoring Worshippers; Weekly Get Together with Worshippers for Fellowship

What Nicole’s Ministry Service Hours Consists of:

  • Home Schooling – Trinity is now in Grade 4, Jean-Claude is Grade R and Hadassah just likes climbing and exploring everything; she is 16 months old now
  • Church Media – I assist a local church weekly with their Sunday Media
  • Preparation for Worship/Prayer Slots at the House of Prayer
  • Breathe Worship – Discipling’s and Mentoring Worshippers; Weekly Get Together with Worshippers for Fellowship
  • Maintenance of the Witbank House of Prayer Website
  • Masson Music – Admin

We are very blessed with an amazing local day-care, Miesha Daycare, that takes care of Jean-Claude and Hadassah on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings while the rest of us are at the House of Prayer. The other times they are not at day-care, they are with us in the prayer room. We feel its important for our children to be raised in the prayer room as to cultivate a lifestyle of loving Jesus first; that their experience with Him will be so exhilarating that the “things” of this world will not captivate them like God has captivated them.

Highlights of the February:

Bound4Life – Justice Summit 2021

The Witbank House of Prayer is a Bound4Life Chapter. Bound4LIFE is a grassroots prayer mobilization movement targeting the ending of abortion, the increase of adoptions, and the sending of revival to reform government and culture.

As part of being a Bound4Life Chapter we participate in the yearly Online Justice Summit which cemented in our hearts the importance if standing in the gap to end abortion in our nation; here are some quick points that stood out to us the most:

We are meant to cherish and protect life in the womb. Despite being designed with purpose and promise, babies in the womb are utterly vulnerable, having no way to defend themselves or speak out. They are the most marginalized, disenfranchised people group on the earth. No one is weaker, poorer, more needy, or more innocent than them.

“Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you…” (Je 1:5 ESV)

Although the word “abortion” is not specifically used in the bible, there are numerous references to the “shedding of innocent blood” which abortion falls under.

One of the most startling things we learnt is that the shedding of innocent blood by a nation, fuels the demonic forces of that nation and therefore unknowingly impacts it. This is a very brief summary but if this is something God is stirring on your heart and you would like to know more, please let us know.

Sound Workshop

We hosted a Sound Mixing Training Workshop for everybody who is involved at the House of Prayer whom could attend if they wanted; the goal of the workshop was to give information on: Basic Sound Theory, How the Mixing Console Works and some of its Basic Functions and Basic Mixing Technics.

Joshua Year Students Started

We were excited to have 2 students start but we are still expectant for more to start before the 22nd of March.

IHOPU Global Students Started

The Witbank House of Prayer is a satellite campus for IHOPU Global (https://online.ihopu.org/). We are the only one that is not on the American Continent; we had 2 freshman students and 2 sophomore students that have started.

What’s coming up in March:

  • We celebrate 11 years of Marriage – 6th March
  • Harp and Bowl Training 9 to 11 March: Jean-Michel will co-host this and Trinity will be attending as she has a burning desire to be part of the worship teams either on keys or vocals.
  • Jean-Claude turns 6 – 10th March
  • Plumb line (Inner Healing Retreat) 22 to 28 March: Jean-Michel will be attending as part of the ministry team as an intercessor.
  • Trinity turns 10 – 30th March

What you can pray for us for:

  • The above upcoming events in March
  • Masson Music Student Base to Grow
  • That we will not grow weary in what we are pursuing but that in our daily schedule our focus will be to love Jesus First
  • Financial Provision

A bit about the Witbank House of Prayer:

The Witbank House of Prayer is a Mission’s base; our goal is to become a 24/7 prayer room that is continuously praying over our people, city and nation. In order to do that we need to be 300 prayer missionaries, so that is what we are believing God for.

In Conclusion

If there is anything in this newsletter that you have questions about or would like more information about, please contact either of us via WhatsApp.

Please let us know what your prayer request are, we would love to partner with you in prayer.

If you would like to financially partner with us here are the details:

Account Name: House of Prayer; Bank Name: FNB (First National Bank); Account Number: 62718897848; Branch Code: 230146; Account Type: Cheque Account; Reference: HVG-JN

If you would like more information about financially partnering with us, please send us a WhatsApp so we can have a coffee. Partnership of this nature will be such a blessing to us and will go a long way in covering our monthly expenses as we now draw a smaller income from Masson Music, as we run full time with the ministry mission God has called us into.

Thank you for partnering with us in prayer and taking the time to read our newsletter, we really appreciate you.

Some of the sets that were streamed this month that we were involved in:

To view more check out the Witbank House of Prayer Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/witbankhouseofprayer