Pressing and Growing


Dear partner, it was an intense and exciting 2 months of pressing and growing in the Lord that has come to pass. This period was jam-packed with events. Here is a brief overview of the events that occurred:

Brits outreach:

On 18 March 2022 we visited a private Christian school named “HaMaKom” that is located in Brits, North Wes province. We ministered to the students of this school.

A group of a few of our team members held a puppet show with a Christian storyline for the preschool to grade 3 students. They also had a small activity that they completed together.

At the puppet show, there was a little girl that asked about Jesus and chose to accept Jesus as her Lord and Saviour.

Another part of our team did EE3 with the grade 4-6 students (Here is a link on what EE3 is: https://www.ee3.org.za/ ). After these 2 things we had a time of worship and a short conversation with the grade 7-12 students about identity rooted in and not rooted in Christ.

At the worship, an altar call was made and there were a few other students that also accepted Jesus.

After the time we ministered the school provided us with a light meal and ice cream that was delicious, especially in the middle of our fasting period. The reason we chose to not reject the school’s hospitality is because of Luke 10:8 saying: “If you enter a town and it welcomes you, eat whatever is set before you.“

Ministry trip:

We as a student body had a ministry trip from the 1st to the 11th of April. The on-campus student travelled the United States full and we as online students stayed at home and ministered the world full. We as online students were from a total of 50 countries and 8 continants. We had a busy time but it was full of good fruit and abundant pleasures.

At the beginning of the ministry trip, I was afraid to engage with new people and to miss God in what He wanted to do. God then spoke to me out of Luke 20:3-4. The works I long for aren’t done by the authority of men but by His authority. He does the works and He is faithful.

Luke 20:3-4 NKJV

“But He answered and said to them, “I also will ask you one thing, and answer Me: The baptism of John—was it from heaven or from men?””

Spirit Café

We had 4 Spirit Café sessions in total with their team. We as a team ministered to people around the world via zoom. Our team broke up into 3 people per group and ministered to one person at a time. They could decide what treatment they would like to get from the team ministering to them.

Spirit Café Treatments Include:

  1. Spiritual Readings (prophetic word).
  2. Dream Interpretation.
  3. Physical Healings.
  4. Peace Treatments (pray for the release of peace against anxiety and depression).
  5. Spiritual Cleansing (Deliverance).

There is no limit on the number of treatments a person would like but is limited by the session time duration.

In the 3 sessions that I joined we had 7 people in the small groups that accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.  The prophetic word we gave was connected to the other person’s prophetic word. Each person ministered to said that the word was accurate. It was something they are going through or is in line with their life or previous prophetic word given to them. It was beautiful to see God at work and that the people were motivated and felt love and joy.

Here is Spirit Café’s website:



Pray for tech

We had 1 session in total with this team. Here follows a comment from Mariska Beetge on the event, because I haven’t joined this session:

“The heart of Pray for Tech is to pray for the tech industry and to encourage those Christians who work in the technology industry. There were also people joining the zoom call who work in the tech industry, who just wanted to be ministered to through prayer and prophecy. It was amazing just to feel God’s heart for these people and to realize what a big impact the tech industry has on the world and even those who work in the industry of tech. It was just amazing to be able to be Jesus’ hands and feet.”

Here is Pray for tech’s website:




We had 2 sessions where we prayed while having a Virtual Reality walk through the whole of Myanmar (Burma). We had the wonderful privilege to see that this country is really beautiful.

We had 2 sessions where we had the opportunity to evangelise with people from Myanmar. An advertisement in cartoon form is shown on various social media platforms. A person then chooses to receive ministry after reading through the cartoon. We then typed a word that we received from Holy Spirit in an online form. We as a team did not interact with the people ourselves because of language differences and barriers. The people from the University of Ekballo translated what we received and shared it directly with those receiving ministry.

The statistics of the time we ministered with the Univerity of Ekballo:

This is an insane amount of people that we had the opportunity to minister to. We can see that although we see technology used in evil ways, God is using it for good.

We are super joyful for the 200 people that chose to accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour.

Here is the website of the University of Ekballo that we partnered with:


Here is the cartoon as ad people click on in which each person decide if they would like to partake in receiving ministry or not:


Here is a link on news in Myanmar and what to pray for:



Houses of prayer

We joined different houses of prayer and intercession sets each house hosts. We had the opportunity to pray for the ministry trip, the students, abortion, Israel, revival in the nations and for the local churches of the houses.

Here is a list of these houses of prayer:

  1. Michigan House Of Prayer (MHOP)
  2. International House Of Prayer Kansas City (IHOPKC)
  3. Witbank House Of Prayer (WHOP)
  4. Burning Hearts House Of Prayer
  5. City Of Industry House Of Prayer
  6. Panama House Of Prayer

It was wonderful to be part of believers around the world. My heart was encouraged by their love and zeal for God. There is strength and joy in the fellowship and ministry of the body of Christ.

You can visit the IHOPU instagram page to see a little of how the trip looked like. Here is the link to their page:


During the ministry trip, I felt an urgency in my spirit. It is important to play our part in gathering the people for God and attending to them. As time developed I found excitement growing rather than fear. We can clearly see with things around us that God is at work. The pressure is getting more serious leading up to the return of Christ. We can feel with the international and national events occurring that there is a development of a cry of people towards God. With joy, we can say that we know what will happen in the end. He is faithful.


We had a 40 day Daniel fast. We started on the 7th of March and ended on the 15th of April. The fasting was focused on Revival in the earth and set First love as our first priority again combined with using communion each day. I can say that this fast was a first where I felt the same level of energy as if I was not fasting at all. I think that the fasting with the ministry trip and Life of missions subject had a big influence together in my heart. I felt the intense urge to pray for the lost and for people to gather them. I have felt the urge and hunger for people to get to meet and know my God.

Easter weekend:

We had a gathering Friday the 15th of April 2022 at Witbank House of Prayer. Marais talked about the normal 9 customs of historic covenant and linked the new covenant and how it is also done although it is a New Covenant in a new era.

We had the wonderful opportunity to end our time of fast with a coffee and hot-cross bun at WHOP after the service.

Here is the link to the gathering for you if are interested to watch it:


On Sunday the 17th of April 2022 we gathered at Metamorpha. We had a wonderful time in the presence of God by engaging in worship. After the service, we stretched out our hands over Witbank and interceded for our city.

Subjects that I have as a student at IHOPU:

Life of missions

Course Description:

We know that the “gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole inhabited earth as a testimony to all the nations, and then the end will come.” Jesus commanded His followers to “go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to obey everything…” This course will look at the implications of this for the individual believer and for the Church, particularly in the midst of a post-modern world and among various world religions and worldviews. We will survey biblical, historical, and strategic foundations of local and world missions and prepare students not only to participate in the task of mission, but also to teach this information to others in a local church setting.

Course Objectives/Aims: By the close of this course, the student should be able to:

  1. Explain God’s heart and plan for the evangelization of the world as revealed in His Word;
  2. Highlight key figures and concepts in the world mission endeavor through history;
  3. Explain various issues of strategic importance in missions and implement them in developing a particular strategy for a particular area;
  4. Acquaint children and teens with the task of mission and how to be involved.


Course Description:

Daniel is one of the most prophetically comprehensive and relevant books in the Bible for preparing hearts for the end of the age. No other book combines as many end-time themes into such concise messages. It is also perhaps the most referenced book of the Old Testament in the gospels. We will explore the prophetic implications of Daniel and the use of Daniel in the New Testament. We will also study the person of Daniel as a prototype of the end-time church.

Course Objectives/Aims:

  1. For the student to be familiar with the setting, structure, genre, and message of the book of Daniel
  2. For the student to grasp the major “forerunner themes” in Daniel
  3. For the student to understand how Jesus and the apostles used to book of Daniel.
  4. For the student to understand Daniel as a prototype of the end-time church.
  5. For the student to learn to view Daniel 7 as perhaps the most complete and concise summary of the “Gospel of the Kingdom.”

Men prayer gathering:

We had a gathering Friday the 15th of April 2022 at Witbank House of I had an urge to start a prayer group from last year. As time passed I thought about targeting the young men that are students or full time at WHOP. We decided to have a time where we each give a prayer request and pray for each other. One of the guys asked for prayer for his brother. A car drove over his foot. Blood clots had formed in his leg. His brother wanted to go to a sangoma because of a belief in his culture that blood clots are caused by a curse. Monday his brother replied and said that the swelling on his foot has lifted. God is faithful and on the move for His namesake.

Prayer Request:

1.Financial partners to join me.

2.Greater spiritual hunger in a season of business. I struggled to press in spiritually.

3.My studies in general.

4.Strength and energy. I do feel drained these past 2 weeks.

5.Wisdom in my choices.

6.I have been having a few dreams at night these past months. This is odd to me because I do not normally dream. These dreams that I had doesn’t make sense to me. I feel that these dreams do not have any significance. Please pray for Godly dreams to be received and interpretation of the dreams received.


Thank you for your partnership with me. I pray that you experienced something of who God is and was built in faith as you have read through this newsletter of mine.

If you are interested in partnering with me in prayer or finances you can send me a message on Whatsapp (+27761292291) or email (reecef.vorster@gmail.com) and I will get in touch with you.

Feel free to message me if you have any questions or would like information.

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