Witbank House of Prayer is excited to announce our Educational Partnership with the International House of Prayer University in Kansas City, USA!

Do you want to be connected while you seek to go deeper with Jesus?

Witbank House of Prayer has connected with the International House of prayer University, Kansas City Missouri, USA, in a dynamic way.

Through their training school, you can receive ministry training online while you serve in our House of Prayer. IHOPU has 3 learning environments. Education, prayer and ministry.

  • Education happens online as you receive the resources of IHOPU teachers.
  • Prayer and ministry training will take place at the Witbank House of Prayer.

Rather than traveling to Kansas City, you will be connected to other IHOPU students in South Africa at Witbank House of Prayer Missions Base, who are giving themselves to prayer and ministry.

There are two starting dates available:

August of every year (Applications must be submitted by June 1)

January of every year (Applications must be submitted by November 1)

Courses Available

1. Forerunner Ministry School

Set Apart to Carry a Message

As John the Baptist was set apart in a unique hour of history to prepare the way of the Lord, the Holy Spirit is setting apart young men and women in our generation to be burning and shining lamps. Are you longing to be captivated by His beauty, to cultivate a burning heart, and to declare His Word with power? Find your place in the story.

Ministry Training

Exists to equip this generation in the Word and the power of the Spirit for the bold proclamation of the Lord Jesus and His kingdom. Our students embrace in-depth biblical training in the context of a thriving missions base fueled by 24/7 prayer with worship.

2. Forerunner Worship School

The Sound of a Generation

As God illuminates the earth with His presence, what if your part of the story is to release sounds that would set the heart of your generation ablaze? What if your role is to craft anthems, melodies, and oracles that reflect the worth of Christ and release the power of God? What if that time is now?

Worship Training

We equip prophetic singers, musicians, sound producers, songwriters, and worship leaders. Our training prepares them to thrive in the modern worship movement whether in houses of prayer, local churches, or other contexts all over the earth. We focus on intercessory worship that reflects the worth of Christ and releases the power of God.

3. Forerunner Media School

The Compelling Story of Love

Step into the journey—become a digital storyteller. Encounter God’s light and love for yourself. Engage your friends and family as well as people you have never met with His story. Fascinate the nations as you display the power of His presence.

Preparing Media Messengers

We combine media education with biblical study, worship and prayer, and practical discipleship in small group settings. Through this unique training model, students receive a solid biblical and storytelling foundation that equips them to use their skills to communicate the message of Jesus in a wide variety of settings.

Please reach out to us for more information.

E-mail:  info@witbankhop.co.za

Phone:  083-447-1661


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