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The Witbank House of Prayer Ministry Training School is for all who longs to grow in their walk with God and in their ministry, whether you are

  • a stay-at-home mom, ministering the Word to her kids,
  • a small group leader,
  • a business man ministering to your employees
  • a Sunday school teacher discipling a youth group
  • a Pastor of a Church, shepherding a large group of people.
  • working in the market place and are informally ministering to co-workers
  • in a friendship group ministering to friends.

Witbank House of Prayer Missions Base has permission from the International House of Prayer University, Kansas City, USA, to use the material which was used as their first year Online course, to present as a part-time Bible School.

It is presented one course at a time on Thursday evenings from 18:00-20:00.

This course exists to equip students to respond to the unique dynamics of the hour in which we live through a biblical perspective combined with a lifestyle of prayer.

This course contain core teachings that are necessary for sustaining a life of prayer with a vibrant spirit, as we prepare for the return of the Lord.

This Foundational Curriculum is centred around three convictions:

God is raising up a generation of end-time messengers like John the Baptist to prepare the way for His Son’s return by boldly proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom to all nations.

God’s strategy to prepare the Church involves corporate prayer and fasting for the release of the Holy Spirit’s power. (Joel 2:12–15)

A life of radical obedience to God can best be sustained through intimacy with Jesus in a community of like-minded believers.

FIRST COURSE TO BE PRESENTED IS:  Foundations of Intimacy with Jesus
This is a 12 week course
COST:  free, except for Manual and handbook that you need to read.
ENROLLMENT:    Please enrol for the course you want to take one week in advance by completing the ENROLLMENT FORM.

Course Descriptions

Foundations of Intimacy with Jesus

‘Intimacy’ is a widely used term in the body of Christ, but one that is all too often artificially understood and experienced. What is it really to be intimate with Jesus Christ? Are there different ways to be intimate with Him? Do the spiritual disciplines of prayer, Scripture reading, worship, and meditation automatically catapult us into the very presence of our risen Savior? Is it possible to be biblically correct in our understanding of Christ’s relational intentions toward us but remain spiritually deficient in attaining them? Perhaps there is a great divide between our relational potential with our Maker and our practical, everyday experience of Him. If so, is there a means whereby we move toward this elusive divine/human intimacy? Hopefully, this course will offer biblical and theological insights plus spiritual challenges to help us along the way. A two-sided course approach will best facilitate this through the encouragement to enter into greater intimacy with Jesus in the course readings and the challenge to walk the difficult roads leading there in the lectures and discussions. Emphasis will also be given to how a strong foundation of prayer best assures a sustained, long-term connectedness with Jesus.

Foundations Growing in Prayer

More than an event, meeting, or discipline, prayer is the joyful center of devotion to Christ, the fuel of missions, and the means to receiving the Holy Spirit, grace, and power. Yet many believers are discouraged in prayer and aren’t sure what to do about it.  They feel stuck in impersonal, inconsistent, and joyless prayer, disconnected from life and God’s story. In this course we will discover and practically establish the path for an enjoyable life of prayer grounded in the Word and satisfied in Christ.

Foundations Jesus’ Glorious Return

God has always desired to dwell with men/women on the earth. His eternal purposes are bound to this great desire of the Godhead. Since man’s failure in the Garden of Eden, the human soul has been deeply connected to two dominant story lines—(1) God’s desire to dwell with man; (2) man’s conflict with God’s desire and purpose. Our history books are full of the conflicts and dark injustices which manifest our dislike with God’s grand purpose. This course will focus on giving the student an overview of God’s glorious plan to end injustice, restore all things and establish His kingdom on the earth in fullness. We will study the final execution of His plan in the end times and the crucial role of the praying church in partnering with God to bring His Kingdom to the Earth as it is in Heaven.

Foundations Forerunner Ministry

Just as God used John the Baptist as a forerunner to prepare the way for Jesus’ first coming, so the Lord is raising up forerunners who will boldly and fearlessly proclaim His return. “Forerunner” is a term that can be used to refer to spiritual leaders who God raises up to prepare His people for the transitions in His emphasis and activity. It is their job to understand when a new season is breaking in upon the earth like the sons of Issachar in the days of King David who knew the signs of the times and how to give leadership to the people of God in an hour of crisis.  In this course we will look in depth at the following topics: The nature and unique dynamics of a transitional generation, the nature and purpose of the forerunner ministry, biblical models of the forerunner ministry and the lifestyle of the forerunner.

How to study the Bible

Jesus Christ declared that the ultimate purpose for searching Scripture was to find eternal life in Him (Jn. 5:39–40). Along this line, the apostle Paul indicated that personal, spiritual transformation occurred by intently gazing at, meditating on, and studying God’s Word (II Cor. 3:18). King David proclaimed that the study of holy Writ was the secret to his relationship with God and greatly influenced his song writing (Ps. 27:4, Ps. 119:54). In light of these noteworthy assertions, it is incumbent upon us to heed their wisdom and follow their advice. To this end, this course is a practical examination of how we can internalize the Bible in order to form our spirits and deepen our faith (Ezek. 3:1–3; Rev. 10:9–10). A key objective is to gain confidence and tools in how to study the Bible. Emphasis will be given to learning how to examine the historical and literary context of a passage, understanding the immediate or initial meaning of the text, and practically applying the eternal truths contained therein.

The Excellencies of Christ

The Father’s strategy to mature the Church into fullness before the second coming of Jesus and to sustain her at the end of the age is to unfold the beauty of His Son in an unprecedented way. Students delve into the great mystery of the God-man: the wonder of Christ’s preexistence, incarnation, life, death, resurrection, ascension, and return, pondering what causes elders to bow, angels to sing, and humans to weep. From the incarnation to the ascension, this revelation of the beauty and transcendence of this ‘Man’ will arrest your heart to fall in love with Jesus all over again.

Foundations of Intercession

God created mankind out of His desire for a partner. When humanity fell from this glory, God sent His Son to intercede and reconcile God and man. Through Christ we have joined His eternal ministry of intercession. We are now “partakers of the heavenly calling” (Heb. 3:1) in this age and in the age to come, crying out to see justice released, Jesus return, and His government established in the earth. Students examine the lives of great biblical and historical intercessors and how they changed history through the power of prayer. As they learn how to usher in revival through prayer, they are confronted with the urgency of the hour and the great need for a people of prayer to emerge, ready to partner with Jesus to see God’s will done on earth.

Song of Solomon

The Song of Solomon is also called, “The Song of Songs” or the greatest song ever recorded. A title like this, from the son of the most prolific songwriter in Israel’s history from a man who had written 1,005 of his own songs speaks to the power and value of this particular song.  From ancient Israel to modern times scholars and commentators have understood the underlying picture that Solomon presented to us: the love of a Bridegroom God for His people. My overall goal is for this class to help us understand the progression of grace and holy passion, or our journey into maturity in love by grace. The Song of Solomon provides the clearest picture of this progression in the word of God.

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