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Witbank House of Prayer is excited to present to the body of Christ these seminars in Witbank, Kempton Park and Pretoria teaching Christians how to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with Muslims.

The teachers at these seminars are from the USA but originally from Cairo, Egypt. Both of them are experts in the area.


Medhat Makeen

Medhat and his wife Randa have been in ministry for over 20 years. Hailing from Egypt, where Medhat wrote a Christian drama that became a TV series there. Randa is an engaging evangelist with a passion to reach Muslims with the gospel
Almost kidnapped by Muslim forces, they have suffered sickness and heartache in their journey for Christ.
Randa and Medhat are now called as missionaries to America, to awaken the church to the realities of Islam that are threatening Christianity and the American culture.

Paul Ameen

Paul was born and raised as a Muslim in Egypt, firstborn of the imam of the mosque, trained to be a Muslim evangelist, but his life was interrupted by the Lord in 1997 and he converted to Christianity.

Almost five years after having accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Savior, Paul was concerned with how others would hear the truth about Christ. Many have questions and no sound answers, so he began answering questions regarding the Christian faith and began confronting Islamic propaganda and its lies about Christ Jesus and the Bible.

He presented the truth of Christ with love, revealing the agenda of Islam for Christian and western society. He do this through teaching Christian Apologetics and proclaiming the Gospel of Christ to all.

Paul has been doing ministry through Missions Door since 2012. In 1999, Paul began using Internet chat rooms, conferencing tools and groups, and later using satellite TV to reach closed countries of the Islamic world. He began answering questions regarding the Christian faith and confronting Islamic propaganda. He presented the truth of Christ with love, revealing the agenda of political Islam for Christian and Western society. Paul was called to ministry in 2002 after learning about many people who didn’t know how to share their faith. He became active in evangelism in New York City and after some training in Colorado, Paul went on TV, proclaiming his faith in Christ to all Arabic-speaking viewers around the world.

Why would their ministry be beneficial?

Their ministry will equip believers for both challenges and opportunities to engage with Muslims,
providing a greater understanding of Islam in relation to Western culture and how to compassionately share Christ.

What will they teach on?

Understand Islamic culture and beliefs
Learn how to engage with Muslims and answer questions
Gain tools to share your faith with truth and love
Be empowered to impact your community for Jesus Christ

Ministry Dates & Venues

1 March @ 18:00 – Witbank House of Prayer Fellowship

3, 5 & 11 March Seminar @ 18:30 – Witbank House of Prayer Missions Base (℅ Watermeyer & Steven Bantu Biko, Witbank)

6 March Seminar @ 18:30 at Oasis House of the Father, Kempton Park (166 3rd Avenue, Bredell)

8 March @ 9:30 Metamorpha Church Witbank &

@ 18:00 – Witbank House of Prayer Missions Base

10 March Seminar @ 18:30 – Pierneefrant Church. (318 Heckroodt Villieria Pretoria)